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Litigation PR - What is it and why is it important in NI?

The management of the communications process prior to and during legal disputes can often help maintain and protect a client’s reputation and assist in the shaping of an outcome.

The court of public opinion is often just as important as what goes on inside the courtroom.

Working with the media and key influencers can create a more balanced, accurate and less sensational coverage of a lawsuit.

Litigation PR can help by:

·         Ensuring balanced media coverage;

·         Countering negative publicity;

·         Making a client’s viewpoint known;

·         Assisting the media and key influencers understand complex legal issues;

·         Defuse hostile situations and assist in resolving conflict.

Our Services:

·        Litigation communication strategy development

·        Media Engagement

·        Stakeholder and Elected Representative Engagement

·        Proactive media statements drafting and distribution

·        Rapid rebuttal

·        Reactive statement drafting and distribution

·        Managing Press Conferences and media interviews

·        Media Training

·        Media and Political Monitoring

·        Reputation building PR campaign development and roll-out

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