Media Relations - The Brown O'Connor Professional Approach

Media Relations – The Brown O’Connor Professional Approach

Executed correctly, media relations can be effective when you need your message heard.  A famous old line once stated that 93% of all press releases get 'binned' as soon as they land.

A lack of understanding about what is going on in newsrooms; the demands on journalists and producers; and the ability to gauge news value, will often be the difference in getting an issue covered, or not.

At Brown O’Connor Communications we have many years of experience in getting media coverage for clients to make sure your press release is in the 7% that stays out of the bin and lands on the page or the screen.

We assist clients in securing media coverage by:

  • Connecting news angles with corporate or campaign objectives;
  • Developing and distributing press releases in an efficient and professional manner to get the message out quickly;
  • Knowing what information journalists are looking for and following up with them to address further questions;
  • Banking knowledge of who the journalists are and how they write or report;
  • Understanding how a story should be communicated digitally and how that is supported technically;
  • Setting up creative photography to support press release content for an eye catching moment that is remembered.

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