The Need for Planning PR

Planning can often be contentious, despite the many economic and social benefits it can deliver for communities. Communicating your plans to the community in which you want to develop, is vital to ensuring your proposals are looked at in the best light possible during the planning process.

Arlene O'Connor, Director at Brown O'Connor Communications

Arlene O'Connor, Director at Brown O'Connor Communications

Proposals can attract negative feedback from groups and people who do not believe they have been adequately consulted or informed. Genuine and meaningful engagement with stakeholders in the area is vital.

The successful management and delivery of a community consultation process, prior to and during planning applications, can maintain and protect a developer’s reputation and assist in the shaping of positive planning decisions.

Brown O’Connor have worked on some of the most sensitive planning issues in Northern Ireland to know the right approach to take.

How we can help

·        Design and implementation of the community consultation strategy;

·        Meeting the community consultation statutory requirements;

·        Talking to and engaging the right stakeholders;

·        Assisting media and key influencers to understand the rationale behind the application;

·        Planning, organising and staffing the community exhibition;

·        Collating all feedback on the proposals;

·        Writing a detailed PACC Statement to accompany the planning application;

 Our Services

·        Community Consultation Strategy Development

·        Stakeholder/ Elected Representative Engagement

·        PR/ Media Relations

·        Media and Political Monitoring

·        Reputation Management

·        PR Campaign Development and roll-out

·        Branding