Chris Brown

Communication Strategy Development - The Brown O'Connor Communications Insight Methodology

Developing a Communication Strategy can often be one of the most overlooked parts of a PR or Public Affairs programme. It is easy to push on and start delivering tactics without measurable objectives tying it all together. Following our strategic planning methodology we can help clients gain greater insight and impact. Whether it is gaining more advocates to support a cause, lobbying for change, securing wider media coverage or wanting to sell more product, this is an essential forward planning tool for companies and organisations in the private, public and voluntary and community sectors.

Our evidence based, 5 part process, can assist with:

  • Discovering insights about your current communications delivery
  • Setting objectives
  • Developing a creative strategic platform to tie all parts together
  • Understanding how to roll out campaign tactics more effectively
  • Measurement by understanding reach and resonance and how it relates to objectives

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