Brown O'Connor Communications One Page Brief: Sinn Fein Local Council Manifesto - April 2019

On 15 April, Sinn Féin launched their manifesto for the upcoming 2019 local government elections at an event in Ballymena. Below are some of the key policies from that manifesto:


Councils must promote social value in the procurement process.

Resource locally based tourism projects, which can help boost the hospitality industry.

Support City Deals in Belfast and the North West.

All councils should have clearly mapped out regeneration plans specific to their area.

Agree a new partnership between Executive Departments and local government to share financial obligations of regeneration more equally.


All councils should pay at least the living wage of £9 per hour.

Every household should enjoy at least 10mbps broadband.

Continue to oppose changes to Sunday opening hours.


An increase in social housing.

The NIHE must review the method of calculating how many new homes are needed each year.

Every development must include a percentage of social and affordable housing.

Rights and Legacy

A citizen’s charter in every council, much like the Belfast City Council 2018 Mayor’s Charter.

An Irish language policy and Irish language officer in every council.

Introduction of the legacy mechanisms agreed in the Stormont House Agreement.

Cross-border cooperation

Campaign for a Unity Referendum in the near future.

Work to increase cross-border cooperation on education, health and the economy.

Lobby for a 2019 referendum to allow Irish citizens outside the Republic of Ireland to vote in Presidential elections.

Click here to read the full manifesto.