Hospitality Ulster reacts to Head of Civil Service Brexit warning letter to local political parties

Reacting to the letter sent to the political parties from the Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, David Sterling, the Chief Executive of Hospitality Ulster, Colin Neill reacted:

“The content of the letter which the Head of the Civil Service, David Sterling sent to the political parties here should sound a loud panic alarm as we move closer to the original predicted EU exit date. This letter only serves to re-affirm what a complete mess a no-deal situation would be for Northern Ireland and the negative impact it will have on us here.”

“The hospitality sector has far too much to lose in a no-deal scenario in terms of wholly unwanted direct impacts to the likes of its workforce and supply chains. How are we as an industry expected to prosper and contribute to the Northern Ireland economy when we are seemingly headed towards a cliff edge with dire and serious consequences as specified by David Sterling.”

“We have to avoid a no-deal at all costs and call on all our politicians and those in Great Britain to focus their minds on getting a deal sorted.”

Colin Neill, Chief Executive, Hospitality Ulster

Colin Neill, Chief Executive, Hospitality Ulster