Hospitality Ulster reacts to NI Budget

Reacting to the NI Budget Colin Neill, Chief Executive, Hospitality Ulster has slammed it as an own goal

“Whilst additional money for the health service, broadband and infrastructure projects are to be welcomed, we feel that this Budget did not address the growing problem of business rates in Northern Ireland being higher than anywhere else in the UK. This ignores the fact the many business in GB with a NAV of £51,000 now get 30% business rate relief, so a pub in Sheffield with a rateable value of £37,750 will save £6,178 in business rates next year, whilst the same pub here gets nothing. This Budget may plug a gap, bu

t has missed the boat in terms of addressing our out of control business rates and funding to assist the development of our town and cities across Northern Ireland. We need a budget that helps the likes of the hospitality sector proposer and plan for the medium to long term. This budget yet again highlights the fact that we need to see the return of the Assembly to properly represent us, bring forward more effective budgetary planning and progress outdated legislation such as the Liquor Licensing Bill.”

Colin Neill, Chief Executive, Hospitality Ulster