Brexit & NI - What the Department for the Economy is working on

The Department for the Economy is in the process of undertaking an analysis to inform the Northern Ireland policy response to Brexit. Michael Brennan, Strategic Policy Director of the Department unveiled the areas that they are working on at the CBI Rural Economy Summit in Dungannon today. He also outlined that DfE have been involved in a growing number of EU exit workstreams / programme boards and that they have increased their engagement with Whitehall, Brussels and Dublin in the past 3 to 4 weeks.

Areas being worked on include:

  • Assessment of the importance of migrant labour for the NI Economy;
  • Assessing the sectors and locations most likely to be affected;
  • Assessing the importance of cross border commuting;
  • Impact of tourists accessing NI via RoI;
  • Impact of international students on the NI Economy;
  • Extent of cross border shopping;
  • How important the Common Travel Area is in relation to family and community ties;
  • Modelling the impact of export tariffs;
  • Analysis of goods and services exports data by sector and business size;
  • Analysis of energy supply, particularly in context of ISEM; 
  • Legislation and domestic consequentials - legislative review of NI legislation no longer underpinned by EU.